Post:Media Coordinator

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Must have a good command over English and Hindi language
2. Must be a minimum graduation in a media related field
3. Experience working with social media
4. Commitment to working in the development sector Daily


1. Media Watch: Create electronic clippings and maintain files
2. Handling Media inquiries
3. Collating media analyses from Hindi, Marathi and English teams
4. Creating a media database: updating it
5. Organizing meetings with media personnel for sensitization
6. Suggest, write and disseminate the media statements
7. Media rounds and file reports on the same
8. Coordinate media interactions with Humsafar spokesperson
9. Reporting to Advocacy Manager
10. Managing Bombay Dost related work
11. Handling social media: HST page, profile, groups, internet outreach, posting, promotion, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Whatsapp

Event Based Responsibilities:
1. Sending out Media Invites
2. Sending out Press Releases
3. Interacting with media, handling media at the venue, delegating bytes and reports around media

Fill the form in the link to apply:
Last Date- 4 August 2017
Location- Mumbai