The Humsafar Trust (HST) is a community-based organization of self-identified gay men, MSM, Hijras and LBT persons in Mumbai since 1994.

HST currently manages 3 projects on prevention, care, support and treatment reaching out to over 7,500 MSM and Transgender in Mumbai Metro. HST has strong linkages with public health systems in Mumbai and has strongly embedded ART services in the ART centres of Mumbai. HST also provides legal support, crisis management, mental health counselling and nutrition counselling to its communities.

HST has nurtured a youth LGBT group Yaariyan (Friendships) and Umang (Joy) for LBT persons, Kinnar Asmita that represent TG and Hijra community, Sanjeevani for MSM and TG living with HIV.

HST has set up CONNECT, A National Online Resource Center that will connect LGBTQ communities worldwide.

HST is convener member of Integrated Network for Sexual Minorities (INFOSEM) the only national level network of sexual minorities that has 192 community based organisations representing Lesbian, Gay, Kothi, MSM, bisexual and Transgender communities as members

HST has a Centre for Excellence (CEFE) that has Research, Capacity building and Advocacy initiatives. It has an Ethics Review Committee / Institutional Review Board (IRB) that monitors its research projects and is registered with NIH in Washington DC and has federal wide assurance certificate in place.

HST as part of capacity building initiative has mentored 51 Community based organisations in five states under GFATM Round 9 through Pehchan project and provides technical support and capacity building to NACO supported interventions with MSM communities and 11 hard to reach states in India through DIVA – MSA project.

HST has a strong advocacy programme that has produced several films, theatre and IEC materials, held consultations, worked on a LGBT friendly laws report that promote the rights of sexual minorities in India.

In 2016 – 2017, HST is implementing 16 projects that include prevention, care, support, treatment, research, advocacy and capacity building with a dedicated team of 146 individuals, who have years of experience and expertise to deliver high quality projects and strive for excellence in service delivery to its communities.