Strengthening peer led initiative to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on MSM population in India

Multi Country South Asia (MSA) Program Overview

The Global Fund supported South Asia Regional HIV program is currently in its second phase of grant implementation started from July 2013 to December 2017. With Save The Children International (SCI) serving as Principal Recipient in this phase, the program covers seven countries in South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) through direct program implementation. Under the guidance and supervision of NACO and SCI, the selected sub recipient – The Humsafar Trust will implement the program activities in India till December 2017 focussing on Men who have Sex with Men aligned with the National Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020 and NACP IV.

Community System Strengthening and Advocacy Seed Grants (CASG)

Considering the need and the objective of the South Asian Regional HIV Program with a strong community systems strengthening (CSS) focus and with reference to the Global Fund’s CSS Framework, one of the main component in the program is Advocacy Seed Grants which aims to provide support towards MSM led organization on community driven initiatives in advocating related policy environment at local or national level. It is expected that this seed fund program will cover its following objectives:

  1. Document key issues related to MSM populations, in particular those who are living with HIV.
  2. Increase the awareness of local and/or national policy and decision-makers of issues related to MSM populations in particular those who are living with HIV.
  3. Highlight issues with local and/or national level policies that are in violation of human rights related to MSM populations.

Eligibility to apply for CASG

CSS and advocacy seed grants was developed as an initiative in facilitating community led intervention particularly towards MSM populations to reduce harm and negative impact from HIV epidemic. The grant will be open for registered MSM CBOs all over India. Organizations who meet these following criteria would be eligible to submit the proposal for CASG program:

  1. The applying organization should be community based (CBO), must be registered, should have a bank account and preferably with 12 A certificate.
  2. Priorities to those CBOs who possess minimum 2 years experience particularly in collectivization, involving in local advocacy, social protection and right based activities working for the benefit of MSM including those living with HIV.
  3. The CBO has been existing and actively involved in HIV/AIDS response and able to demonstrate experiences in community-based activities for MSM populations.
  4. PLHIV groups/organizations may also apply, but priority will be given to applicants that benefit MSM people living with HIV.
  5. Has never been blacklisted or support for a program withdrawn by a donor /SACS for non–performance ( financial and /or programmatic)

CASG Priority Areas

The applicants should focus on one or more of these following areas that would benefit the MSM and people living with HIV:

  • Advocacy on health and human rights of MSM
  • Advocacy with different stakeholders to address legal, religious and social issues of MSM
  • Advocacy to increase access to HIV treatment services for MSM
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination towards MSM and PLHIV
  • Innovative approaches to increase treatment adherence; i.e. engaging mass media in raising awareness of MSM
  • Advocacy for local resource allocation and mobilization from local governments and other funding sources to ensure sustainable HIV responses

Please note the following:

  1. No procurement of fixed assets will be allowed through the grant.
  2. 30% of the grant can be utilized for administrative expenses such as staff salary, staff travel, and mobile communication charges.
  3. Office rent, audit fees, electricity bills will not be allowed through the grant.

Grant award limit:

All awards will be up to 3 Lakhs for a maximum period of 4 months towards grants implementation and one month towards reporting.

How to apply:

Organizations need to submit their application with the following annexures duly filled in all purposes:


Those who fail in completing the forms in full will not qualify for the selection process.

The soft copy of completed application forms should be submitted to following Email ID:

For more information please contact

Mr. Anand Ishware, Contact Number- 8108282887 OR
Mr. Manish Kakvani, Contact Number- 9699183443

The last date for to submission of Proposal Application Form is 10th May, 2017 COB (close of business)