Yaariyan is a Humsafar Trust Youth Initiative that was initiated to understand current trends and behavior of LGBT youth. The Yaariyan Core Team currently comprises a group of ten LGB-identified youth between the ages of 18 and 28 years. The group was set up following meetings with the youth members and sharing of ideologies; the first meeting of all members took place in December 2010. The group chose the name Yaariyan as the name symbolized community bonding and friendship. Furthermore, the name commemorated the first gay pride walk—also named Yaariyan— that took place in Kolkotta in 1999.

Aim and Purpose:

Yaariyan has been initiated by The Humsafar Trust to HEAR VOICES of the LGBT youth and to facilitate the LGBT youths’ access to services such as a safe space for discussions, healthcare, mental health, and legal rights. Yaariyan also aims to serve as a platform to understand current trends and behavior of LGBT youth.

How we work:

The Yaariyan Core Team communicates and plans activities mainly over a Facebook Group created exclusively for the core team. Furthermore, the group meets from time to time. Youth members of Yaariyan are technology savvy and believe in using technology to the best of its ability to run the group efficiently. All ten members are full-time employees in their respective vocations, and their contribution to Yaariyan is entirely voluntary. The Yaariyan Core team members actively recruits members into the team based on need or resignation of a core team member.

Our activities and achievements:

Yaariyan organizes movie screenings, outings, bonding events, and discussions on issues impacting the LGBT youth. We also have a very active Facebook group named Yaariyan (current strength 1300 members) that serves as a platform for friendly fun and discussions. Yaariyan is among the first platforms where youth with LGBT identities have met and come together under the same umbrella. Yaariyan discussions have provided a safe space for youth to address larger issues that may pertain to their sexuality. Many youngsters who attend our events speak on such a platform for the first time.

Contact Yaariyan on yaariyan.hst@gmail.com