2012: Humsafar Tracking Study : VII Wave

Knowledge Attitude Behavior and Practice (KABP) Study: (Conducted in waves every 18 months) About the project: This study is conducted by HST to understand the reach and efficacy of targeted interventions implemented by HST across its MSM projects. The KABP study is conducted in-house with all resources drawn from HST. This study aims to gauge the understanding of the MSM community with regard to condom usage, HIV/AIDS and STIs, sexuality, and outreach work on sites covered under the 5 projects implemented by HST. The first KABP study was conducted in 1999 and served as a baseline for the MSM population on HST sites. The KABP study is guided by independent consultants who comprise the Research Advisory Board (RAB) and by Mrs. AlpanaDange who has been instrumental in success of the KABP study through its inception.

The study tool is a quantitative questionnaire that explores the following themes:

  • Demographic Profile
  • Knowledge regarding HIV AIDS
  • Substance Use
  • Sexual Behaviour with male partner
  • Sexual behaviour with female partner
  • Partner Seeking
  • Sexual health
  • Availability of condoms and lubricants
  • Care and support toward PLHA
  • Identity
  • HIV testing
  • Exposure to interventions

All the sites of intervention are arranged in equal period (3 hours) time-location-clusters (TLCs). Finally, TLCs are selected by using systematic random sampling of clusters with equal intervals. Trained investigators (HST outreach workers) administer survey to population seen cruising at these sites. The data obtained from these questionnaires is then analyzed to understand efficacy and reach of our outreach programs at the grass-root levels. The KABP study is currently in its eight wave.

The seventh wave findings were disseminated to HST staff of all HIV interventions on November 9, 2013.


Study duration: Conducted every 18 months

Current Status: Ongoing

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