2012 :ISHKonnect : Internet Based HIV prevention for Indian MSM in collaboration with University of Texas, University of Minnesota and Tata Institute of Social Sciences

The internet as well as mobile applications such as Grindr and Scruff rapidly emerged as tools for Indian MSM to cruise and look for sex partners posing a new challenge to India’s HIV/AIDS intervention programs. The ISHKonnect study was an internet-based study that aimed to conduct formative research to identify risk behavior associated with such cruising and help devise intervention strategies to combat vulnerability of such population to HIV/AIDS and STIs.

Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health and ICMR (Grant ID: Indo-US/84/2010-ECD-II)

Study Partners:  University of Texas health Sciences Center at Houston, Houston; University of Minnesota, Minnesota; Tata Institute of Social Sciences; and University of California, San Francisco


  1. Document how MSM in Mumbai use the Internet to meet male sex partners and test the feasibility of conducting online focus groups discussions (FGDs) to reach this population.
  2. Collect recommendations for adapting Sexpulse to Indian MSM, and identify content and design features needed to develop an mHealth intervention for Indian MSM at risk of HIV/STI infection.
  3. Conduct a technology and virtual environment assessment.
  4. Conduct an online behavioural risk assessment of MSM in Mumbai


Study duration: Two years

Current Status: Completed

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