2013: SAHAAY : HIV Prevention for MSM Using Mobile Technology in collaboration with FHI360 and Mitr ( Delhi ) Humsaaya ( Thane ) and Mitwa ( Chhatisgarh )

The Sahaay Project is a PATH supported FHI 360 operation research project that aims to reduce HIV risk by increasing access to prevention services through a mobile based counselling intervention among hard toreach MSMs. The project is being implemented by The Humsafar Trust with partner CBOs in Delhi (Mitr Trust), Raipur – Chattisgarh (Mitwa Sankalp Samiti) and Mumbai (Humsaaya Society).

The counselling-based intervention was delivered through a 24 x 7 helpline based at our three partner CBOS. The helpline was managed by trained counsellors working simultaneously at the three centres. Community mobilizers recruited with each partner CBO reached the population on ground and publicized the helpline among hard to reach MSM and TG at the grassroot. The project aimed to gauge the success of this intervention via a baseline that was conducted prior to initiating the research and an end-line conducted at conclusion.


Study duration: One year

Current Status: Completed

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