2014: Adherence Study: A pilot study to assess adherence of ART among MSM and Tg populations in Mumbai with Einstein University – New York

As of 2013, an estimated 1.7 million people require ART in India (according to 2013 WHO guidelines) but in 2012 only 570,620 adults were reported to be on ART. Additionally, among those on treatment, adherence to ART is of paramount importance. Achieving a 90% to 95% ART adherence rate by HIV infected patients significantly reduces the likelihood of virologic failure and drug resistance, which provides, by far, the best chance for long-term clinical success and health improvement and in addition, has now been shown to prevent the transmission of the virus to uninfected individuals.  However, there are no studies or other data available of factors affecting ART adherence in MSM anywhere in India at this tjme – information that is vital to develop any interventions supporting adherence.

Therefore, to better understand potential factors affecting adherence in HIV infected MSM in Mumbai, we will partner with Humsafar Trust – a community-based organization serving HIV infected MSM in Mumbai, India and conduct a cross-sectional survey among HIV+ MSM currently accessing services/programs at Humsafar.

Aim: To identify factors associated with ART adherence in HIV infected men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender (TG) patients’ in Mumbai, India seeking services at a LGBT community center. to inform a future adherence intervention.


Study duration: One year

Current Status: Completed

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