2015: Zero Meters Away: India HIV Prevention/PrEP Needs Assessment Survey Protocol

Objective and Rationale:

The objective of this research study was to obtain crucial information regarding HIV prevention needs including PrEP for online MSM/TG across India, a group that is largely out of the purview of most targeted interventions and not accessible by traditional outreach approaches. Our hypothesis was that, using an online survey tool distributed via MSM/TG dating apps/websites, Facebook, and possibly other social media channels commonly used in India, we can efficiently reach a large and diverse population of MSM/TG across India to identify HIV related health needs. The rationale for this study was that determining HIV prevention needs for online MSM/TG across India quickly could help inform the evolving national guidelines and recommendations for HIV prevention including PrEP implementation (which is expected to occur in near future) as well as provide data for potential PrEP demonstration studies/projects that HST may be asked to implement in the future by NACO.

Therefore, to help understand individual and community factors affecting HIV testing, condom use, and factors potentially affecting implementation of PrEP, we administered a cross-sectional, self-administered, online survey to assess MSM and TG potential needs and perceptions about PrEP as well as determine rates of HIV testing, condom use, and factors associated with HIV testing and condom use among online MSM across India.


  1. To understand awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and acceptability towards PrEP and potential needs to inform PrEP implementation for Indian MSM and TG communities.
  2. To determine rates of HIV testing and condom use and associated factors among online MSM/TG.
  3. To determine feasibility of reaching online MSM/TG across India to inform future potential interventions and online outreach approaches.


Study duration: One year

Current Status: Completed

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