2018: Understanding experiences of violence faced by men who have sex with men and transgender women with partners met through social media and location-based dating apps in Delhi and Delhi NCR regions

The proposed study aims to survey location-based-social-dating app-using men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) on Hornet, Facebook, and Whatsapp, to understand their experiences of violence, blackmail, extortion, and threats on the platform in partnership with Hornet. We further seek to conduct this study only among users in Delhi and NCR regions as data exclusive to this city remains to be conducted.

As Delhi is the national capital, understanding patterns and perpetrators of violence in the city will allow us to develop Delhi-specific plan of action to counter and address instances here. The findings will further aid our Delhi office in strengthening advocacy and sensitization efforts with law enforcementagencies in the capital as well as provide impacted communities with information and legal recourse options


The following are the objectives of the proposed study:

–       To understand experiences of inter-personal and collective violence experienced by MSM and TGW on social media platform and LBSAs in Delhi and NCR regions

–       To identify regions/areas prone to violence (if at all) and the nature of perpetrators associated

–       To create an advocacy and sensitization plan targeting law enforcement agencies based on violence prone areas and modus operandi identified by the research

–       To develop strategies to deal with the violence and subsequently develop and disseminate a safety booklet for the community members on dos and don’ts for safe online internet dating experiences


Study duration: One year

Current Status: To be initiated

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