2015: Understanding the Impact of the Supreme Court judgment on Section 377 on LGBT communities

Section 377 of The Indian Penal Code (IPC Sec. 377) criminalized consensual anal sex by deeming it unnatural and “against the order of nature”. The British introduced this law in 1860, based on Victorian morals, to criminalize any “not procreative” sex. On July 2, 2009, The Delhi High Court read down IPC Sec. 377 on grounds that it violated Articles 21, 14 and 15 of The Indian Constitution which grants every citizen right to life” and “equal opportunity, regardless [...]


2015: Zero Meters Away: India HIV Prevention/PrEP Needs Assessment Survey Protocol

Objective and Rationale: The objective of this research study was to obtain crucial information regarding HIV prevention needs including PrEP for online MSM/TG across India, a group that is largely out of the purview of most targeted interventions and not accessible by traditional outreach approaches. Our hypothesis was that, using an online survey tool distributed via MSM/TG dating apps/websites, Facebook, and possibly other social media channels commonly used in India, we can efficiently reach a large and diverse population [...]