2017: Project SWAG: Identity, Attraction and Trust: How MSM Compose and Assess Location-Aware Dating/Hookup App Profiles in Mumbai

Location-based social applications (LBSAs) make it easy to meet nearby others for a variety of purposes, including anonymous and sometimes risky sex. As smart phones spread globally, moreover, there is evidence that LBSA use by men who have sex with men (MSM) is also spreading. From a scholarly standpoint, a growing stream of research argues that understanding how MSM use and present themselves on LBSAs is important to better understand the interplay between novel technologies, identity, and interactions among [...]


2017: Transcend Study: Transgender Needs assessment focused on educational, healthcare and socioeconomic needs.

Our research project aimed to extend beyond the existing data on transgender populations, which is mostly centred on either legal issues, hijra culture, or health related issues such as HIV prevalence and access to SRS. Specifically, there is minimal information on the kinds of socioeconomic and academic needs that transgender populations have. We aim to diminish this gap by developing a needs assessment to ascertain community needs as well as develop more reliable data on the various transgender communities [...]