Get Tested

 Clinic and Counselling Unit.

The Clinic and Counselling Unit of the Humsafar Trust is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of the Mumbai Districts Aids Control Society (MDACS) and the HST. The Clinic is open Monday- Friday from 12- 8:30 pm (except holidays). We charge a nominal fee of Rs. 1000/- for a period of one year and provide the following services:

  1. HIV and Syphilis testing- The clinic conducts HIV and Syphilis testing for clients referred by Targeted Interventions and for walk-in clients. The process involves a Pretest counselling which includes the Counsellor taking a detailed case history with an emphasis on understanding the sexual history of the client. The client is then guided to the laboratory where the Lab Technician takes a blood sample. The reports are ready by evening. The post test counselling involves the counsellor explaining the report to the client and guiding the client by linking them to appropriate care centres based on the report. At every point, client confidentiality is strictly maintained. The reports are handed over only to the client and no one else.

  3. Mental Health Counselling- The clinic has a Psychologist on board who provides mental health counselling to walk-in clients. Issues of coming out, acceptance, anxiety, depression, relationship, suicidal ideation, Sex- reassignment surgery etc. are addressed. Counselling is also provided on phone.

  5. Doctor- The services of the doctor are available from 12:30-8:30 pm, Monday- Friday. We provide regular medical check-up and certain medicines free of cost to our clients.

  7. Nutrition Counselling – Our Nutritionist is available from 5- 8:30 pm every Friday. Counselling is also provided on phone.

  9. Legal Aid- Our advocacy team can refer you to LGBTQ friendly lawyers in our network.

You can call our helpline 022 26673800 to talk to our Counsellors and Doctors or to take appointment for counselling. For HIV/ Syphilis testing or collecting report, please reach the clinic latest by 7:30 pm.