Come home to Humsafar!


Through SAKSHAM, we aim to facilitate Equal Employment Opportunities for the LGBTQ+ Community in mainstream workplaces. We have successfully organised the First Community-led Job Fair in India, in April 2022. Multiple job fairs and inclusion drives have taken place in the past few years. However, we have witnessed that these efforts have resulted in limited success particularly with regards to retention of LGBTQ+ individuals in corporate workplaces. 

We aim to change this! SAKSHAM gets organised with the underlying principle that communities should not only be included in recruitment drives and job fairs, they need to spearhead the process for any meaningful inclusion to take place.

SAKSHAM was scheduled on 22nd April in Holiday inn, Andheri. This one long Job Fair will include Panel discussions, Upskilling workshops, Employer - Employee Interactions. The event also had Pre-Event activities like Upskilling workshops, Resumé creation, career counselling and post-Event activities like Shortlisting and Scheduling interviews. 

SAKSHAM witnessed 650+ registrations and participants across India, along with 22 community leaders. 20+ employers participated in this movement of making workplaces inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.