Project Coordinator, Project Chetana


Position Vacant: Project Coordinator, Project Chetana 

Location: Mumbai 

Reporting to: Study Investigator 

Last Date to apply: March 20, 2023 

Background: The Humsafar Trust (HST) is India’s first community-based organization (CBO) of and for LGBTQ+ individuals that started in April 1994We at The Humsafar Trust are looking for eligible candidates for the position of a Project Coordinator on a study that looks at testing a wellness intervention for men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) living with HIV.  

Project description: The research study is funded by National Institutes of Health (1R01MH128162-01A1) and is a threeyear project that aims at adapting a wellness intervention for people living with HIV (PLHIV) to improve engagement in HIV care and meet treatment/care needs of PLHIV MSM and TGW in Mumbai. The study will be implemented by HST (Ms. Shruta Rawat, MSc, Site-PI) along with the University of California, San Francisco (US- PIs: Dr. Maria Ekstrand, Ph.D.; Professor of Medicine, Prevention Science Division and Dr. Wayne Steward, Ph.D., MS; Professor, School of Medicine). The Project coordinator on this study will be responsible for managing the project on the ground and ensuring compliance to study protocols as well as timely implementation. 

Main Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Overall management of all project-related activities at HST, including leading the project team and coordinating activities. 
  2. Assist the Site- Principal Investigator (PI) in devising a project implementation plan. 
  3. Assist in adapting the study intervention (wellness intervention sessions, peer navigation protocol, tracking sheets, feedback forms) and take lead in implementing this intervention among eligible study participants.
  4. Assist study Site- PI in identification, recruitment, and training of peer navigators, research assistants, and other project personnel. 
  5. Oversee implementation of research activities, and data collection, and provide supportive supervision to peer navigators as they implement the intervention.  
  6. Support peer navigators and research assistants in coordinating and organizing the intervention’s wellness sessions as per a pre-designed wellness sessions schedule  
  7. Assist the Site-PI in organizing research training for peer navigators, research assistants, and other project personnel by providing support in development of training materials and co-facilitating sessions. 
  8. Document, address and report any study adverse events to the UCSF team and the Site- PI (if any), as well as providing routine implementation updates.
  9. Ensure quality data collection and factual reporting of project deliverables as requested by the study PI.  
  10. Ensure ethical compliance via timely submission/extension of the study’s ethics approvals.  
  11. Coordinate with the finance officer for timely payments of vendors (if any), participant reimbursements, CAB honorariums, local travel, and maintaining supply inventory and procuring 

Minimum Qualifications and Skills required:

  • A minimum qualification MA in applicable social science fields/MPH/MSc or an equivalent is expected. 
  • Experience of 2–3 years with research preferably involving MSM/TGW and/or people living with HIV. 
  • Awareness and comfort with operating MS Office products, and internet resourcing. 
  • Knowledge of English and Hindi is a must, and knowledge of Marathi would be a bonus. 
  • Must possess strong documentation skills.
  • Ability to articulate verbal and written communications clearly and concisely in a polite manner is a must. Publications in peer-reviewed journals is desirable, but not required 
  • Knowledge of Finance and Sub-grants management is a bonus. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice and maintain high professional ethical standards. 
  • Respect and accepts people from diverse backgrounds. Strong interpersonal communication skills, non-judgemental attitudes, leadership skills to manage a team, and willingness to learn are a must for this profile. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively and lead the team in a pressurized environment.  
  • Multi-tasker, proactive learner, and self-motivated attitude are key to this role. 

Compensation Offered: 

  • We are an equal pay employer. Compensation offered is at par with market rate. 

Time Involvement:

The project coordinator will devote 100% time to the organization and this project. Will report to the Study Investigator.  

Application Process: 

The Humsafar Trust is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to fostering diversity in the workplace. Interested candidates meeting the above criteria are requested to submit their application along with cover letter justifying suitability for the position, work experience and present and expected CTC details.

All applications must be sent to with cc to All applications of interest must clearly state Application for the post of Project Coordinator: Project Chetana” in the subject line.