Request for Proposal: Innovative Advocacy Seed Grant

Purpose of Consultancy:

Innovative Advocacy Seed Grant support under TRANScend, CFLI

Project Owner:

The Humsafar Trust, Mumbai

Starting date for Submission:

15th July 2023

Last Date of Submission:

31st July 2023 (5pm)


About the organization: The Humsafar Trust (HST) is a community-based organization (CBO) working on health and human rights of LGBTQ+ since 1994. Through targeted HIV interventions, we currently reach out to 7,500+ Gay identified, Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) and TG/ Hijra communities in Mumbai every year through its outreach work on physical sites, and 9,000+ users through social media and online programs. We undertake advocacy activities focused on LGBTQ+ rights, including sensitization and awareness of employers, educational institutes, law enforcement agencies, and government bodies, staging and reading of LGBTQ+ themed plays, organizing activities, and mobilizing the community around LGBTQ+ focused events like Pride marches, International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) and World AIDS Day. We build capacities of Community Based Organizations in 27 Indian states on HIV prevention, treatment, care & support, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. Kindly refer to the website for more details about the organization.

Purpose: Create and continue LGBTQ+ conversations in the form of direct or soft advocacy with an intention to create socio-economic inclusion of LGBQ+ and Transgender persons in India.

The TRANScend Project: TRANScend is an initiative by The Humsafar Trust which aims to enhance socio-economic inclusion of transgender persons in India. TRANScend, as an initiative, is committed to encouraging greater community ownership, facilitating partnerships between the community and various stakeholders like corporates, educational institutes, judiciary, bureaucrats, and providing a platform for addressing the ever- evolving needs of the transgender community through ongoing research and intervention. This project focuses on enhancing economic resilience of transgender persons in India

CFLI Project: The CFLI 2023-24 Project focuses on nurturing the young LGBTQ+ leadership to promote the social acceptance o LGBTQ+ communities through community-led intervention and strengthen LGBTQ+ voices in non-urban cities in India.

Priority Areas: There should be a focus on one or more of these following areas that would benefit the LGBTQ+ community entirely or focused activities for the Transgender community. Advocacy activities focusing on LGBTQ+ or focused Transgender acceptance and experiences with stakeholders on below topics:

a) Equal access to Housing, Education, Public facilities and employment opportunities.

b) With welfare department to access transgender identity card for transgender persons.

c) Anti-discrimination laws and policies protecting the LGBTQ+ people.

d) Parental & Social acceptance.

e) Educational or Medical institutions

f) State & Central Government institutions

g) Livelihood support

h) Financial Literacy

i) Visibility events focused on socio-economic inclusion.

j) Visual arts focused awareness programmes.

k) Creation of IEC material (Print, Audio-Visual) focused on Health and Human rights of LGBTQ+

l) Any other awareness, capacity-building, upskilling effort focused on LGBTQ+


  • The activities should be implemented within the period of August 2023 – December 2023.
  • 50% will be paid as advance and 50% will be paid on submission of the programmatic reports and statement of expenditures along with original bills. Any activity and expenses will not be allowed after the mentioned period.

Activity Amount: INR 12,000 To INR 30,000.

Eligibility to apply: This one-time grant will be open for registered CBOs, informal community initiatives/ groups or leaders. The applicant has to submit a one-page proposal mentioning the background and need for the project, proposed activities, budget for the activity and means to measure success/ outcome. Innovative activities/ideas that aim towards addressing the most pressing needs of the transgender and help towards sustainability of community-led organizations will be given preference.

The soft copy of the proposal forms & budget should be submitted to before 25th July 2023 by 5 PM.

In case of any query, you can write to: