Request for Proposal : Selection of Media Agency for Video Production Service.

RFP Schedule

Project Owner 

The Humsafar Trust (HST) (

Project Name 


Project Duration 

April 2021- March 2024 

Contract Period 

October 2023 January 2024 

Contract Terms 

The Humsafar Trust reserves the right to award or/and extend the Term of the Contract. 

Date of release of RFP Document 

13th September 2023 

Deadline for submission of queries 

Last date and time of submission of Proposals 

The application must be submitted in separate emails  along with all supportive documents on or before  Friday 29th September, 2023, 5:00 pm by e-mail:             

Proposals must be received not later than time, date mentioned.  

Proposals that are received after the deadline WILL NOT be considered in this procurement process. 


1. Disclaimer 

  • This RFP document is not an agreement and is neither an offer nor warranty by The Humsafar Trust (HST) and shall have no liability to any person, including any Bidder under any applicable laws, rules, or regulations.
  • Bidders are required to thoroughly study, analyse, and understand the contents of this RFP document.
  • The Humsafar Trust will not be liable for any costs or other expenses incurred by the Bidder regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.
  • Once the media agency is finalized, then we will contact the concerned person only.
  • A Proposal that does not carry any related information to the Scope of Work will be rejected by the Selection Committee. 

2. Background Information

Founded in April 1994, The Humsafar Trust (HST) is India’s first community-based organization (CBO) of self-identified gay men, MSM, Hijras and LBT persons. The HIV interventions of HST are supported by National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS) to provide health services to Men who have sex with men (MSM) and Transgender communities every year through Public Health Care delivery systems and it’s in– house clinics. HST organises Advocacy workshops for Health Care Provisioners, Law Enforcement Agencies, Judiciary, Legislators, Government Bodies, Media, Student community to sensitize them on Gay, MSM and TG issues. 

The Humsafar Trust has been implementing the Global Fund Project, “Reaching the Missing Millions – a virtual approach”. This project aims to accelerate the national HIV response to reach the first 95 targets by reaching key populations (High-risk groups, at-risk adolescents and youth, men, and women with high-risk behaviours) through virtual platforms. The Project also focuses on community systems strengthening, focusing on the health and human rights of key populations.

For more information about The Humsafar Trust, please visit the website: 

THE HUMSAFAR TRUST (HST) invites responses (“Proposals”) to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) from experienced Media Agencies (“Bidders”) having proven experience in creating video and animation production with a grasp for pitching creative concepts and script writing as well as planning production and on-time product delivery with multiple validations through the process of development

3. Scope of Work:



Development of Videos 


Short Films : Duration (up to 3 minutes)

Dubbing in – 11 Languages  

(Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam)  

Themes will include: 

    • Sexual Health, Taking care of Sexual Health,  


    • Educational content  


    • Dealing with Stigma and discrimination  


  • Speaking about Sexual Health openly and accessing services


Animated Short films in 30 seconds to 90 secs            

Pure animation with voice over, BG music  Language: in English 

30 Second Videos – 20 nos. in English Voiceovers  

90 Second Videos – 30 nos. in English Voiceovers 

 Dubbing in – 11 Languages  

(Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam)  

Themes will include: 

  • Sexual Health , Busting Myths, Educational content  

Note:  The financial bid should include a detailed budget breakdown is expected that will include costs for pre-production, production, shooting, editing, and post-production, and a complete listing of any additional expenses. 

4. Presentation for the Bid (Documents to be attached as Bid)

Technical Proposal must include – 

Technical Evaluation Eligibility Criteria  

Supportive Documents Required 

The agency should have been in existence in India for more than 3 years. 

Declaration via an undertaking that the agency is not blacklisted by any Central/ State Government of India/ Public Sector Undertaking/ any Regulatory Authorities in India 

Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies along with Memorandum & Articles of Association (if it is other than company then legal registered deeds/agreements/documents) and full address of the registered office.           

Undertaking to be furnished in company letterhead 

Bidder should preferably have an office in Mumbai/ Delhi and additional score will be given to agency having presence in Delhi /NCR and Mumbai. 

A copy of establishment Dept/Registered rent or lease agreement in the name of the bidder 

Preference will be given to agencies who have prior work experience and/or worked in the past with NACO/ HIV/AIDS or on International Healthcare projects. 

  1. Names of the campaign 
  2. List of Clients 

Any available links for demonstration purposes 

Experience –           

The agency should have an experience of handling large campaigns 

The agency must publish a portfolio of work to demonstrate this adequately.  


A strategy to complete tasks within a            

4-month period

The agency should have adequate staff strength with full back-office support of technical staff across disciplines. 

For the bid, please share a brief presentation of the team with relevant links, published work available online (Links to Behance/LinkedIn etc). Division of the team ranging from content writers, animators, or anyone deemed fit by the Bidder.  

Financial Proposal

  1. The bidder should submit their most competitive and complete cost proposal in the attached Financial Proposal template (Appendix 1). 
  2. Cost breakdown per deliverable must be mentioned and all prices inclusive of all applicable taxes. 
  3. All proposed costs must be directly applicable to performing the work under this RFP and quoted amounts should not exceed the market cost/value of an item or service. 
  4. The Humsafar Trust reserves the right to request and review the latest financial statements and audit reports of the agency/company as part of the basis of this RFP. 

5. Evaluation Stages

Stage 1 

Technical Evaluation

Shortlisting of 5 agencies 

Stage 2 

Pitch Presentation 

Presentation by 5 agencies 

Stage 3 

Financial Evaluation 

Commercial evaluation of top 3 highest scoring agencies and selection of the final one 

The evaluation stages will involve: 

Stage 1. Technical Evaluation 

All proposals received will be scrutinized to assess their eligibility based on the eligibility criteria (Proposals which do not meet the eligibility criteria will be rejected). 

The Procurement Committee will shortlist 5 agencies and invite them for a Pitch Presentation (online or in person). 

Stage 2. Pitch Presentation 

The 5 shortlisted agencies will be notified by email about the date and brief on the expectations of the presentations.

Stage 3. Financial Evaluation 

The Financial Proposals of top 3 agencies shortlisted after Pitch Presentation, will be evaluated.

6. Evaluation marking system:  

Technical Evaluation 


Maximum Score 

Years of Experience 

No. of years of the Agency: 

  • More than 3 years = up to 10 points 
  • 1 – 3 years = up to 5 points 

10 points 

Worked in the field of Sexual Health or with any other Public Health focus.    

Worked with High-risk Key Populations 

Worked with Govt. agencies and NACO 

  • In the field of HIV/AIDS or Public Health = up to 5 points
  • Worked with Key Populations = up to 2 points
  • With additional experience working with NACP = up to 3 points 
10 points 

Portfolio showcasing adequate work undertaken for campaigns of past and ongoing assignment/projects  

Merit based portfolio that demonstrates a history of work experience 

10 points 


Creative strategy 

10 points 

Team/Agency capability 

Capability of the agency to handle Creative (based on past experience) 

10 points 



50 points 

B) Pitch Presentation Weightage = 30 points

Pitch Presentation     
  Understanding of the RFP expectations   15 points 
  Methodology, strategy  10 points 
  Innovative approach  5 points 
  Total  30 points 

C) Financial Evaluation Criteria = 20 points 

The financials of final 3 agencies will be evaluated and based on the consolidated scores in the technical evaluation, Pitch presentation (internal scoring system) and the financial bids from the agencies will be finalized by the procurement committee. 

  1. The bidders are requested to provide cost breakdown per deliverable as clearly as possible. The costs will also have to include any miscellaneous supporting costs  
  2. The Financial sheet will also include a consolidated cost for charges for deployment of services. 

RFP_Media Agency_13th Sept 2023- HST