RFP For Selection of Creative Media Agency for Pan-India HIV Awareness Campaign

Request for Proposal

Selection of Creative Media Agency for Pan-India HIV Awareness Campaign

 1. RFP Schedule

Project Owner 

The Humsafar Trust (HST) (humsafar.org) 

Project Name 


Project Duration 

April 2021- March 2024 

Contract Period 

August 2022 – March 2023 

Contract Terms 

The Humsafar Trust reserves the right to award or/and extend the Term of the Contract. 

Date of release of RFP Document 

22nd June 2022 

Deadline for submission of queries 

Queries related to submission of the RFP will be taken until          

1st July, 2022, 5:00pm 

by e-mail to procurement1@humsafar.org 

Last date and time of submission of 


The application must be submitted along with all supportive documents on or before Monday 11th July, 2022 by 5:00 pm by e-mail:  

Technical Proposal – procurement1@humsafar.org 


Financial Proposal – procurement1@humsafar.org 


Financial Proposal Password – password1@humsafar.org 


Proposals must be received not later than time, date mentioned. Proposals that are received after the deadline WILL NOT be considered in this procurement process. 



  • This RFP document is not an agreement and is neither an offer nor warranty by The Humsafar Trust (HST) and shall have no liability to any person, including any Bidder under any law, rules and regulations 
  • This RFP is to invite proposals from agencies/company who are qualified to submit the bids.
  • The purpose of this RFP is to provide guidance and to assist the bidders in the submission of the proposals 
  • The information contained in this RFP document is selective and is subject to update, expansion, revision, and amendment at later stages 
  • The Bidder must thoroughly study/analyze and properly understand the contents of this RFP document, its meaning and the impact of the information contained therein. 
  • The Humsafar Trust will not be liable for any costs or other expenses incurred by the Bidder regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process 
  • Once the service provider is finalized, then we will contact the concerned person only.  
  • The Humsafar Trust will enter into an Agreement, with the Statement of Work outlining the deliverables of the Project. 
  • Late submission of Proposal will not be accepted beyond the 11th of July 2022, 5pm  
  • Proposal with insufficient information will be rejected or in some cases carry a low score 
  • A Proposal that does not carry any related information to the Scope of Work will be rejected by the Selection Committee 


3. Proposal Evaluation Procedures: 

         Proposal evaluation Terms and Conditions

  1. Proposal is open to all Bidders 
  2. The proposal submitted shall be according to the Scope of Work and eligibility criteria specified in this document 
  3. Bidding will be conducted through a competitive process 
  4. The Humsafar Trust (HST) will constitute a Proposal Evaluation Committee to evaluate the responses of the bidders 
  5. A Technical Proposal will have to be submitted that contains a narrative of the understanding of the requirements, Scope of Work and plan, Project Milestones, Presentations showcasing history of work in similar field.  
  6. Separately a Financial Proposal (Password Protected) should be shared as part of the proposal establishing the total costs of the project (check Annexure1 for the submission template)
  7. Financial Proposals have to be Password Protected
  8. Technical evaluation will be carried out first and only those that qualify will proceed for financial evaluation 
  9. HST will finalize the top 5 bids (after the technical rounds are complete) and call them for placing pitches for the campaign. Either in person or online.  
  10. Bidders may be asked to further explain or clarify areas of their proposal in writing during the evaluation process 
  11. Requests for clarification should be submitted by the 1st of July 2022 
  12. Only the selected agency will be contacted for further processing.  

 4. Background Information

Founded in April 1994, The Humsafar Trust (HST) is India’s first community-based organization (CBO) of self-identified gay men, MSM, Hijras and LBT persons. The HIV interventions of HST are supported by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) and Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS) to provide health services to Men who have sex with men (MSM) and Transgender communities every year through Public Health Care delivery systems and its Inhouse clinics. HST organizes advocacy workshops for health care provisioners, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, legislators, Government bodies, media, student community to sensitize them on Gay, MSM and TG issues.  

HST also provides legal support, crisis management, mental health, and nutrition counselling to its communities. HST will work to implement a range of service delivery models utilizing HIVST kits provided by the project, resulting in an increased linkage to care, treatment, and prevention services for population groups and geographical pockets with high HIV vulnerability that are yet unreached by National AIDS Control Program (NACP); by working closely with National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) and respective State AIDS Control Society (SACS).  

For more information about The Humsafar Trust, please visit https://www.humsafar.org/ 


A) Project NETREACH- Reaching the missing millions

This is a three-year HIV intervention project from HST that that reaches out to the high- risk, key population by virtual outreach. This virtual population needs to be brought in the ambit of the National HIV intervention programs. The project is supported by The Global Fund (GFTAM) and the Principal Recipient is India HIV/AIDS Alliance.  

In the last decade, India has experienced massive growth in internet access. As of May 2020, India had 687 million internet users, of which 629 million were mobile internet users with 33 % female internet users. With the widespread use of smartphones and social media, people are socialising, receiving information and even seeking sex partners online. These populations are not adequately reached by the Targeted Interventions; therefore, they need to be reached on the virtual platforms

The global target as set by the UNAIDS in order to eliminate HIV by 2030, is 95-95-95. Which means 95% of people living with HIV know their HIV status; 95% of people who know their status are on treatment; and 95% of people on treatment with suppressed viral loads. The goal of the NETREACH project is to accelerate the National HIV response to reach the first 95 targets, by reaching key and vulnerable populations who are operating online. 

The project will function with the support of the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and the HST Communication team

The goal of the Project is to accelerate the national HIV response to reach first 95 targets, by reaching at-risk, key and vulnerable populations. Reaching key and vulnerable populations on virtual platforms by identifying their social networks through Virtual Platform outreach and refer them to HIV prevention programs. 

B) NETREACH & pan – India Communication Campaign

An effective communication strategy is an integral part for helping NETREACH interventions at the pan-India level.  Powerful campaigns in the public health sphere have made a significant impact in creating health-seeking behaviour, to increase the demand of services. The goal of the communication campaign is to motivate people to get tested, promote access to treatment, link to care and support and reduce stigma and discrimination.  

THE HUMSAFAR TRUST (HST) invites responses (“Proposals”) to this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) from experienced Media Agencies (“Bidders”) having an understanding of Social Development, the Health sector specifically about the HIV/AIDS landscape in India and key at risk populations. 

  • The Media Agency will be required to execute a pan-India HIV Awareness campaign for Project NETREACH, based on the recommendations of National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) communications framework. 
  • The collaterals for communications will be planned and executed with the objective of raising awareness, and distribution on social media, online media platforms and print and digital media.  
  • To build materials for increasing Reach, Social Behavioural Change across online platforms keeping the Project objective in focus. 


C) The key target population to be reached through the project and the media campaign: 

  1. Men Having Sex with men (MSM) seeking partners through virtual platforms 
  2. Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and Male Sex workers (MSWs) accessing clients using virtual platforms 
  3. Adolescents and Youth (age group 18-24 years) in risk behaviour accessing virtual platforms 
  4. Transgender Women 
  5. Persons Who Inject Drugs (PWID), 
  6. Men and Women with high-risk behaviours, accessing virtual platforms 
  7. Partners and Spouses of those at risk or positive, identified through virtual outreach. 


The Media Agency will work under the guidance of the Humsafar Trust to roll out a Pan- India Awareness campaign based on the guidelines and interactions set by NACO. 


 The main aims of the Media campaign are: 

  1. Undertake a desk-review to existing materials and develop an understanding about the program, target audience, tonality, and language specifics 
  2. To generate an innovative HIV awareness campaign across digital mediums, that raises an interest in the importance and understanding of HIV testing as a health priority 
  3. To bring recognition to the NETREACH portal – as the one stop place to get tested and seek further consultation 
  4. To plan the campaign that helps increase the number of HIV testing among the High-risk groups through the NETREACH portal 
  5. Changing perceptions for the better with awareness campaigns on HIV prevention, treatment 
  6. The IEC and other materials will be developed around the thematic areas that will be confirmed at the time of execution by NACO & HST committee   
  7. A list of Key tasks with deliverables for the year is mentioned in page 8. The Bidder will have to factor in these when planning the technical and financial proposal


6. Key Tasks with Deliverables: 


             Particulars Creative Assignment for Agency          



           Development of IEC/SBCC Materials for Digital Media     


Banner ads for OTT platform 


Static Ads for Apps and mobile marketing 


Static Website marketing ads 


Static Ads for Apps 


Static Ads for WhatsApp distribution 


Static Ads for Digital Print Media 


IEC Posters for Online Outreach in English with minimum 11 language adaptations –  (Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam) 


Infographics English with minimum 11 language adaptations –  (Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam) 


Social Media Videos (duration range – 20 seconds- 60 secs) 



NETREACH branding materials for merchandise, reports, brochures, gifs, reels, events, standees 



           Development of Video 



PSA Ad: Duration up to 3 minutes 

Short films (duration range – 30 seconds to 60 secs)- Pure animation with voice over, BG music in Hindi and English and language adaptation as subtitles in 11 languages 


Ads (duration 6 seconds formats) for pre roll and mid roll ads on OTT platforms 




Advertising strategy and media planning/buying for the campaign 


Promotion of static content and Video content (social media advertising model of campaign each month) 


OTT platform advertising banner ads on platforms 


Pre-roll and mid roll ads on OTT platforms 

Apps and mobile marketing 

Website banner ads 

SEO marketing plan for the year for the website  


7. Application Process for the Bid: 

The agencies will have to provide the following for the Technical Bid –  

  1. An innovative proposal outlining a narrative of the understanding of the project and the key deliverables to be achieved (Page 8 of this document)  
  2. A strategy plan for the pan India communications campaign – Creation  
  3. Distribution – a strategy plan for distribution of the campaign via advertising to reach pan India 
  4. Presentations showcasing history of work in similar field with examples (Video links and other materials) 
  5. A presentation showcasing the 3 best campaigns undertaken to demonstrate capability of the team with regards to planning, design and execution, Social outreach (reach and response) to show examples of distribution and media planning.  
  6. Proof of Years of Experience of the Agency 


8. Evaluation Methodology and Criteria  




Supportive Documents Required 

  • The agency should have been in existence in India for more than five years. 





  • Declaration via an undertaking that the agency is not blacklisted by any Central/ State Government of India/ 

Public Sector Undertaking/ any 

Regulatory Authorities in India  

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies along with Memorandum & Articles of Association (if it is other than company then legal registered deeds/agreements/documents) and full address of the registered office. 


  • Undertaking to be furnished in company letterhead 


Bidder should have an office in Delhi/NCR and additional score will be given to agency having presence in Delhi /NCR and Mumbai 

A copy of establishment Dept/Registered rent or lease agreement in the name of the bidder 

Preference will be given to agencies who have worked in the past with NACO/ HIV/AIDS and Key Population  or other Health Sectors and with NGOs and similar development projects. 


  • Names of the campaign 
  • List of Clients 

Any available links for demonstration purposes 

Experience -The agency should have an experience of handling large promotional and marketing campaigns 

  1. The agency must publish a portfolio of work in creative advertising and communication using traditional, digital and emerging media with work undertaken in the in the Public Health sector on the scale defined in the Scope of Work. 
  2. Project Completion Certificate as per the issued work order. 


An innovative proposal outline with regards to the Key Deliverable (Section 6 , Page 8 of this RFP). The creative planning and distribution strategy for increasing Reach, Social 

Behavioural Change across platforms keeping the Project objective in focus. 

The agency should have adequate staff strength with full back-office support of technical staff across disciplines.  

The team must carry a mix of experience in work related to the Public Health sector or similar roles as defined for this project. 

For the bid, please share a brief presentation of the team with relevant links, published work available online (Links to Behance/LinkedIn etc). Division of the team ranging from content writers, designers, to project managers or as deemed fit by the Bidder. An undertaking on capabilities of the team to perform and deliver under this RFP 

9. Evaluation Stages

Stage 1 

Technical Evaluation 

Shortlisting of 5 agencies 

Stage 2 



Presentation by 5 agencies 

Stage 3 

Financial Evaluation 

Commercial evaluation of top 3 highest scoring agencies and selection of the final one 


The evaluation stages will involve opening of the Technical bids by The Humsafar Trust 

‘Procurement Committee’.  The decision of the ‘Procurement Committee’ in the evaluation of responses to the RFP will be final.  


Stage 1. Technical Evaluation

All proposals received will be scrutinized to assess their eligibility based on the eligibility criteria as mentioned in Section-8, Page 10 of this RFP (Proposals which do not meet the eligibility criteria will be rejected).  

The Procurement Committee will shortlist 5 agencies and invite them for a pitch presentation (online or in person).  


 Stage 2. Pitch Presentation 

The 5 shortlisted agencies will be notified by email about the date and brief on the expectations of the presentations.  


Stage 3. Financial Evaluation

Out of the 5 shortlisted agencies invited to make presentations, the Technical Committee will further shortlist the top 3 agencies.  The Financial Proposals of these 3 agencies will be evaluated. 

  • The bidder should submit their most competitive and complete cost proposal in the attached Financial Proposal template (Appendix 1) 
  • Please indicate all prices inclusive of all applicable taxes 
  • All proposed costs must be directly applicable to performing the work under this RFP and quoted amounts should not exceed the market cost/value of an item or service 
  • The Humsafar Trust reserves the right to request and review the latest financial statements and audit reports of the agency/company as part of the basis of this RFP

10. Evaluation  

A) Technical Evaluation Weightage = 50 points 

Technical Evaluation 


Maximum Score  

Years of Experience  



No. of years of the Agency: 


  • More than 5 years = up to 10 points 
  • 3-5 years = up to 5 points 




10 points 

Worked in the field of HIV/AIDS/STIs or with any other Public Health focus.  


Worked with High-risk Key 



Worked with Govt. agencies 

and NACO 



  • In the field of HIV/AIDS or Public Health = up to 5 points 


  • With Key Populations = up to 

2 points 


  • With additional experience working with NACP = up to 3 points 



10 points 

Portfolio showcasing large promotional and marketing campaigns of past and ongoing assignment/projects with results that are relevant to the proposed assignment (HIV/AIDS Social behavioral 

change campaigns) 



Merit based portfolio that demonstrates a history of work using a 360-degree campaign strategy for SBC campaigns 





10 points  


Creative strategy 

5 points 

Distribution Strategy 

5 points 

Team/Agency capability 

Capability of the agency to handle 

Creative (static creatives, animation/video) and Distribution/Media planning 


10 points 



50 points 


B) Pitch Presentation Weightage = 30 points 

Pitch Presentation  




Understanding of the campaign expectations and the audience 

15 points 


Methodology, work plan 

10 points 


Innovative approach    

5 points 



30 points 


C) Financial Evaluation Criteria = 20 points 

The financials of final 3 agencies will be evaluated and based on the consolidated scores in the technical evaluation, pitch presentation (internal scoring system) and the financial bids, the agency will be finalized by the procurement committee.   

  1. The bidders are requested to provide cost breakdown per deliverable as clearly specified in Section 6 Key Tasks with Deliverables of this RFP. The costs will also have to include any miscellaneous supporting costs for running a national level campaign and taxes.
  2. The Financial sheet will also include a consolidated cost for charges for deployment of services and manpower on a full-time basis with requisite qualifications & skill sets. 


 Template to follow for presenting Financial Bids:  

(in Annexure 1 file here) 


11. Bid Submission Instructions



  • The Technical bid and Financial bid to be submitted over email on the given email ids. Technical bid and financial bid to be submitted as two separate pdf documents. 
  • Financial bid should be password protected pdf document and password for the same to be submitted on separate email id given (for sharing the password only). Both the bids technical and financial should be sent on the same day on the below email ids given: 

Email for Technical and Financial bid submission: procurement1@humsafar.org 

Email for Password submission for Financial Bid:  



File title 

Technical Proposal File 1 – ‘Name of Agency- Technical 


File 2- ‘Name of Agency- Financial Proposal’ 

Format for 



PDF files for letters, JDs and other documents/ PowerPoint Presentations with links for media presentations/ Portfolio dockets in Zip file (based on size) 

Format for 



PDF (a password protected file) 


In English 

Currencies to mention for the Financial 


Indian Rupees (INR) to be mentioned both in figures and words. 

Pre bid queries 

Any pre-bid queries related to RFP can be sent on email by 1st of July by 5.00 pm. 


Email id for sending queries: procurement1@humsafar.org 

Last Date of Submission 

The application must be submitted along with all supportive documents on or before 11th July  5pm 


12. Proposal Submission Checklist

  1. Name of the agency/company 
  2. Registered Address of Agency/Company 
  3. Agency/Company Telephone Number, Mobile Number and email address 
  4. Website of the Agency/Company 
  5. Type of Organization (Proprietor, Partnership, Private/Public Company) 
  6. Directors/Proprietor/Partners Name, address, contact no and email id 
  7. Name and contact details of Authorized Representative 
  8. Year of formation of the agency/company 
  9. Technical Proposal  
  10. Financial Proposal 
  11. Estimated start date (i.e., how quickly could the engagement begin following selection?) 
  12. References of clients with project concluded in similar capacity 


13. Post Submission Process and Terms of Engagement –

  1. Bid Evaluation – The Humsafar Trust shall evaluate and shortlist the proposals on the basis of their responsiveness to the technical evaluation criteria.
  1. Pitch Presentation invite – The top 5 shortlisted agencies will be invited for a pitch presentation before the HST Selection Committee.
  1. Notification of the Award – HST will award the contract to the consultant/firm who obtains the highest score after the Pitch PresentationHST will send the successful bidder the Contract which constitutes the Notification of AwardWithin 5 working days of receipt of the Contract, the successful bidder shall sign and date the Contract and return it to the HST office.
  1. Period of Contract – August 2022 – March 2023, (Contract will conclude at the end of the Financial Year). The contract will be extended further on satisfactory performance based on a review of performance. The contract shall come into effect on the date of signing of the contract. 
  2. Clauses for cancellation of contract –
    i. If at any given point of time it is found that the bidder breaches the contractual obligations, HST may take a decision to cancel the contract with immediate effect. ii.In case of late services / no services on a specific activity, in which the Agency fails to deliver the services thereof within the period fixed, HST may impose a 2% of monthly fees as penalty per day and if the work does not achieve the required levels mentioned in the Contract/work order, in 4 weeks, the contract will be subject to cancellation.
  1. Law and Jurisdiction – This contract/work order arising out of this bidding process, including all matters connected with this contract/work order shall be governed by the Indian laws, both substantive and procedural, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai Courts, if required.
  1. Subcontract – The Agency may subcontract the work provided with the intimation in writing of all collaborations, be given to The Humsafar Trust. The Agency shall be solely responsible for the performance of sub- contractors appointed by the service provider. Following are the conditions under which the negotiations will be followed in case a sub-agent is appointed: i.If required, the contracted agency is permitted at the selected Agency’s own cost, effort, and risk, to enter into a sub-agent contract/ agreement.  ii.The service provider will inform HST about these decisions along with regular meetings to be attended by the sub-contracting agencies as required. Channels of communication for briefing debriefing will be the prerogative of the HST 
  2. OBLIGATIONS For the selected agency: 
    1. Shall treat the information/ and while in contract as confidential 
    2. Information of any kind related to the campaign will not be shared to any other party without prior written approval and a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ will be signed with
      The Humsafar Trust when the contract is drawn 
    3. Any licensed material used for the campaign will be the property of The Humsafar Trust, during and after the campaign. Disputes that emerge relating to License agreements and IPR will not be the responsibility of The Humsafar Trust (HST), thereby absolving HST of any legal responsibility 
    4. All the work generated for the campaign (in draft or complete works, specific to the campaign) will carry a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to exploit the incorporated items, including, but not limited to, all copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets, trademarks, or other Intellectual Property Rights 
    5. The Music/Background score will be planned in keeping with the Social Media platforms guidelines in check 
    6. The agency will be responsible for developing creatives as per Project’s documentation needs and follow the guidelines  
    7. The content to be curated from available project resources and then developed to amplify the profile of the project and highlight achievements