Umang was initiated in 2010 as a dedicated support group to provide safe space for lesbian, bisexual women and female-to-male-trans-persons (LBT). Currently, Umang works in the capacity of a collective and was established following a need for LBT individuals to address issues of sexuality, societal/family pressure, relationships, mental and other health concerns and seek peer support. The Humsafar Trust provided guidance,technical support.and premises to Umang, which now operates from from its own cell in Mumbai and has its own drop-in center (DIC)

Umang aims to provide a safe space and support to LBT individuals through monthly meetings, weekly get-togethers, and other bonding events. Umang aims to actively counter crises and provide professional counseling services to its members. The collective also aims at strengthening its base on issues of sexuality, genderand identity by identifying resources and building capacities of its members by means of trainings and workshops.

How we work: Umang started off with informal monthly meetings. These meetings have acquired a structure over the course of a year. Umang members now organize “Chillout Wednesdays” every Wednesday which serves as a safe space for LBT individuals to interact with peers, share experiences, and seek support on sexuality-related matters.

Umang also organizes workshops that educate members on concepts of sex and sexuality and gender Umang has alsoorganized sessions on breast cancer awareness. Furthermore, Umang has a Facebook group dedicated to its members, events and activities. Umang receives immediate crises support and intervention from The Humsafar Trust and then links members seeking counseling services with SNEHA, an NGO working toward women rights and health for post-crises management.

Our achievements: Umang has a helpline number that serves as a point of contact for any LBT individuals seeking to connect with Umang. The helpline is active from 7.00-12.00 AM each day and has enabled Umang to reach out to LBT individuals seeking support. The helpline has helped connect callers to counseling services, legal services, and has helped mediate crises in some situations. The helpline is managed by Umang members who have received training from The Humsafar Trust for managing the helpline. Umang members have taken the initiative to attend workshops on Trauma and Violence, Legal rights, and Community Preparedness (organized by The Humsafar Trust, under Project Pehchān- GFATM-9).