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The core of Humsafar lies in its Advocacy to work towards the health and human rights of LGBTQ+ communities in India. Operating on multiple fronts, the organization's advocacy team collaborates with various stakeholders dedicated to advancing LGBTQ+ rights. These stakeholders include lawyers, doctors, educators, police personnel, corporate entities, politicians, as well as parents and families. The primary objective of the team is to raise awareness and develop rational attitudes toward LGBTQ+ issues. To achieve this, our range of initiatives such as events, pride walks, workshops, training sessions, film screenings, and protest marches.

The advocacy unit collaborates with the community, law enforcement, and, in certain cases, the media, primarily during crises. The frequency of crimes against LGBTQ+ communities has been on the rise, with LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing harassment, extortion, confinement to their homes, and mistreatment at their workplaces without any repercussions. In such circumstances, the advocacy unit offers comprehensive crisis support. Additionally, Humsafar Trust has nurtured an LGBTQ+ youth initiative ‘Yaariyan’ (Friendship in Hindi) which is a vibrant community of about 9500 members online and offline. The group organizes events and acts as a support group and a forum to discuss issues of LGBTQ+ youth. Another support group managed by The Humsafar Trust is 'Umang' (meaning 'Joy' in Hindi), specifically catering to the needs of Lesbian, Bisexual women and Trans masculine individuals. Umang also arranges events, talks, and awareness programs, while providing connections to other sources of support.

Currently, the advocacy wing operates across five key domains: Sensitization, Community Mobilization, Media Relations, Crisis Management, and Policy Change.

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Project Avsar (Opportunity) – An CSR Initiative of BMC Software India Private Limited

Canada Fund For Local Initiatives (CFLI) Charitable Fund Project

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