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STUDIO DHANAK is an initiative of The Humsafar Trust which brings together enthusiastic, aspiring script writers/ filmmakers of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies together - nurture them, guide them and train them to write their stories, which can be converted into short films. Stories that present authentic personal feelings, stories that express real life experiences, stories that become agents of social change.  

The first edition of STUDIO DHANAK was conducted in October 2021 by professionals from the Film/ Television and Digital industry; in various aspects of script writing and filmmaking. The participants were exposed to various stages of short film writing and making procedures. At the end of the workshop, each participant presented an idea of a fiction or a non-fiction short film. After the participants develop these ideas into completed scripts with the help of their Mentors, all 20 scripts will be evaluated, and 3 to 5 scripts will be shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates will be awarded STUDIO DHANAK FELLOWSHIPS under which they will become an integral part of making these short films.  

STUDIO DHANAK strengthens the advocacy efforts of the organisation and the capacity building initiatives of The Humsafar Trust.